Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 145

Glencairn Farm - The Start! Oak Maze Singletrack Ascent: 1 183 m Descent: 1 420m 82 km 42 km 66 km Water Point 1 0 17 29 36 Water Point 2 44 you hear the noisy spectators at the PG Bison fl oating bridge, now a dual 200m, curved, KAPsani2c submerged Maps 2017.indd and 1 fl oating bridge across Sappi’s Mossbank Dam. After realising the damn crossing was not that bad you’ll be surprised to fi nd a very short rocky section allowing the Western Cape riders to feel right at home, before you enter the hard-packed Mbiba single track, some of the fastest smooth and fl owing single track south of the Equator. Dropping out of Mbiba and onto a short 200m section of forest road will allow just enough time to sneak in front of your mate as you enter Housty’s. You’ll fi nd some fun features in Housty’s, so keep sharp! Crossing the bridge back on to the forest road, you’ll be pleased to see the team in front of you ducking off into Jared’s Route halfway up the steep climb. This is a great fast section contouring around the side of the hill, and another new shortcut designed ng Bridge PG Bison Floati Water Point 1 Singletrack at 42 km View Climb Day 1 52 61 69 Did you know? Each year, 6 000 man-days are spent preparing the route ... that is 16.43 years! 78 to take you around the hill, and not over it. Pleasure! A short forest road leads you up and out of Mondi Brooklands and into Charlie’s contour path – on land belonging to farmer and Bulwer mayor, Charlie James. This section will be one of the highlights of Day 1 and is typical sani signature trail. From Charlie’s you can see the fi rst water table across the valley. You ( 7&72VFW"FR#c &Vf&R&V6rFRF&R@7V7FF"BBFRC&Ц&W&RFRVRBFPWfV7F&RvGFVBFW"VVG2vFg&VFǒ6vpBF6rg&FW&R6VBf&W7B&BvrPF6VBW"V'B&VG20RVBW&r&r6Ɩ"FVN( 2Fv&G2'VvW 7FFF&VvWr6V7FখFGV( 2BF~( 2v62f7B&V6֖rFW vƖvBbF~( 22gV6V7FFFVBFVƖ֖FRFPf7Bf"FrFW66VB@FvW&W2'VgBֆFW BS76Ɨ7G2'F6FRWfW'V vFW"B BcbХVVFvVW0f&W7@BRvVBbRV&v( 26Ɩ VffFGW&rFRWfVB#r&GFW0bvFW"&R67VV@&Vf&R6R6W7FWBfWg&F2B&VƗG6Ɩ V2FRVw2&Vf&RRFP6BvVV&VBFW66V@F&VvVVf&W7BPbFR6R'&B6gFW VfrFRGW&f&W7BPvvBW"vfW"FRp&FVBF'&&v'&FvRF&Vv( 2WG@BFv&G2FR6V6@vFW"F&RB7W'FW BB&VB6fW&V6P6VG&R2RFRVfRfFR&W7F2G'V6W"Vw2vfVVFR7G&FR&FW7@6Ɩ"bFRFVFrW&v( 2FVB2FPf"6RgVVBG&FR@VgVǒ&V6fW"ƗGFRFvv( 26'B6V7F`&RFV666vRG&6&VV&W"FVWVFr@G&涖rFR&G2&WGvVVgVFW66VG2F26V7F0&VV6&VgVǒFVvBF&VvvF6RV7fvr&FpF&Vvf7BRf&W7BG&602RG&FFRffWf"FRFFR6vRG&606V禒6V VBbFbVffFBv~( 2vfRR6Wvrg&F6ǒ0FWVBRFFR&GF`B#pFRfWBFRfVfb'@f"FRFFR7BV6&RFW7Frf"F6RvfP֗667VFVBFV"Vfb'G2vFFRVGVF2F&Vv66Pf&&V6֖r6'FW7Fp6Ɩ'2G'FBfbFRF7&2vFV77p&Vf&RFRf6ƖRBW6FVB6V禖R6V"##D G&âGfVGW&S&6S7F'C6V禖R6V"V7GvG2b3Фf6ƗfWB6WFbvfG0F7F6SfХFF66VCS#ХvFW"B3ХvFW"B#cfХvFW"B3&ФfRFV3RL+07V&6R6V禖Rb3FХ7V6WBvfG2rgЧ6&2D"C