Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 138

for previously unemployed local residents along its route. KAP sani2c attracts a huge cross-section of riders who all just love to ride their bikes. Many may want a challenge, inspiration or experience. Some of them are elite athletes competing for a great result and others prefer to push themselves a little less. We aspire to give every competitor the best time out on the carefully planned, hard packed, fl owing trails through pristine and ever-changing landscapes as riders make their way towards Scottburgh. We plan to share their passion in celebration of the joy of the wind in their hair in wide open spaces. It’s “me time” and we are rewarded and feed off the joy of seeing them doing something they love. This event aims to simply fuel the passion and spread the love of mountain biking, thereby capturing the attention of current and future riders. In a time of media clutter and noise, this event will riders will meet during sani2c. They are the ones competitors speak about months after the event is over. It is the people who work so hard on their KAP sani2c that make the diff erence. One of our many goals at sani2c is to inspire people to do great things and we are so pleased to have inspired the KAP Chief Executive Offi cer, Gary Chaplin, to ride the 2018 KAP sani2c. Let’s all work together to convince him to ride the 2019 KAP sani2c too! Of course, without our many other sponsors, we would be unable to add all the extras that ultimately benefi t the event. To all of them, I off er a hearty thank you for their continued support. Then there are the riders… To the fi rst timers, I hope they have a great introductory ride and that KAP sani2c lives up to all their expectations. It is also great to see so many teams come back – intact – each year for their annual challenge, more pleasure and, of course, a little pain. Thank you. We are humbled by the continued support of our event. Of course, ultimately, KAP sani2c is all about the riding. That’s what makes it a success for everyone involved. Once again, many have continued to work extremely hard to innovate and incorporate new features along the route thereby keeping the event 1. To responsibly organise a multi-day, paired mountain bike event that attracts the interest of both local and international competitors. We aim to bring the challenge of this multi-disciplined event within reasonable reach of all levels of athlete. 2. Through associated sponsorship and media interest, we aim to promote employment through tourism and conservation of this area for the benefi t of its people and the event. By co-involvement of the local communities, we strive towards creating jobs where local, worthy organisations are paid by the event to provide services to the event and thereby raise funds for their organisation. The event will strive to educate, upskill and develop innovative ways to create opportunities for previously unemployed local residents along its route. KAP sani2c… Standing the test of time and achieving a true purpose year on year. #morethanjustaride KAP sani2c is way more than just a mountain bike event. It was started for a real purpose over 18 years ago. Driven by the full commitment from a community to achieve an extraordinary event, our purpose has been achieved year on year. This community, together with its sponsors and partners, has responsibly organised a multi-day mountain bike event that has attracted the interest of both local and international competitors. Together they have brought the challenge of this multi-day event within reasonable reach of all levels of athletes. Through associated sponsorship and media interest, we continue to support education for its children and employment for its people. By involvement of the local communities, we continue to create more jobs and raise funds for individuals and local organisations. The event helps upskill its people and has developed innovative ways to create opportunities MISSION STATEMENT Driven by the commitment to achiev PWG&&F'WfVBW"W'6R2GvfC3D"6&0d$U"tTTpU54tPe$DP$4PD$T5D VfbV7FfVǒ6V7BvF&FW'0VFǒFw&rFR7'Bऴ6&276W2F&Vvw&VB'Bb6WFg&66VG'6FR'WB&WGFW"FF2&RG2VSg&FPV7VrW&W2vfRv&VB6V7F2`FR#cV6W'6RFFPF&V7F'2b6W2vfRBFRf&W6vBFfW7@FR6&2f6@2FR6&FbFW6PVFFW2FBW2FRWfV@Vf&vWGF&RBVW0&FW'26֖r&6V gFW"V"&V6FRpf'GVFRF&R'Bb6VGFB2v&V@FvWFW"F7&VFRWfV@FB&GV6W276@6FfGF2w&VB6VG'bW'2fW"FRV'26&22FfFVB&VVfGFVBB7&VB6VRBvVB@&R76&RF&GV6RWfVB7V62F2vFWBFPFVF6FB6֗FV@g&6FW6R6VFPFRVvW"6&26VGbFvW'2f&W'26fvW'2BFV"f֖ƖW0Bg&VG2vBǒvfPW266W72FFV"B@FR'WB6FV7G&FP7V6Bb7FƗGBBv&B6&6VFЦWW&V6VBFW6RF2FW&RFRW2vfVVB@vFW"FR&FW'2rFPvFWvV6W&vR6WFF'2vF6VG'fưVW"BRFVVv&Vv&FW72br&FǒFV Vw2֖vB&R'W&rFW&PrFRVRF@