Mt. Cuba Center Research Report - Phlox for the Mid-Atlantic Region Mt. Cuba Center Phlox for the Mid-Atlantic Region - Page 18

TOP PERFORMERS I n addition to sun-loving phlox, Mt. Cuba Center also tested selections of woodland phlox (Phlox divaricata) and creeping phlox (Phlox stolonifera). Both shade-loving species are prized for their beautiful spring flowers that bloom in April and May. Many selections have been made over the years for different flower colors; however, only a few are commonly offered at garden centers. From 2015-2017, Mt. Cuba Center trialed 21 selections of P. divaricata, 12 selections of P. st ۚY\K\[\ LXY[]\܈Z\ݙ\[\[\ܛX[K[[\[ H[[وH[  ]\X]JH[]\HY]][[[ܛ˂\HZ[]\HYۚYX[؛[H][ X]^H[]\[HYX]HYY\Z[ˈH\[YH\\[Y HYH[YYY ]^HY]\H[œ[ˈHYX\H\]\YHH\X\HY[YYœ][X[H[X[ۜH[ܙX\[[^HHYX\YX\]\[X[ۜ]\H\HX\ٝ[\HHZYXY\]\X]H[H[]\]\X]H ЛYH[ۉˈ][HY]BZYXY\X^H\ܛH[Z[\H܈]\[ۙB[HXX[[HY\[\[[ۈ]\KۙHXH^[][ۈ܈HYX[Y\^\Y[Y][\]H[]X[[\BY][Y\[HX[Y\ۙ][ۈ[^B\H[Y \XZ\X^H]HY[[Y[\\Z\\ܛX[H܈H\وHX[ \YܙK]\X[Y[YۛH[Yܛ\X][Hܛ[[و[[ܙ\™[\H]\\X\Y[[H\[ܙY\[ ۚY\JHݙY]XX\Y\™ܛ[[ وH LۚY\B[X[ۜH][X]Y  ќ[&\\I \\I[YI[ YH\\\HH\ \\ܛZ[˜[]\ˈXXX\H[HX]وܛ[ ZY[™XYH\[\[[\\]H\^Hو\KYBܙY\ˈH^X]\ܛ[ Xݙ\[X]\[H\Y[X]\H][H\Y[H\[\\YYˈ]] XH[\H]HY[\X[\HX\ٝ[[Z\[ۚY\H][ZH[[[XHYH \^[[[XJK[Y\ X\[HܙYXJK[XZY[Z\\YX[[H HܙX]H[[ZX[\ݙ[[[][XZ[]X]HXܛ][\HX\ۜ˂X\[HܙYXH ܙYܛ[ HZ\Y]ۚY\H Xܛ[ B ۚY\H [YI” ۚY\H ќ[&\\I”]\X]H ЛYH[ۉŒN ۚY\H YH\\” ۚY\H \\I