Mt. Cuba Center Programs Spring - Summer 2019 S2019-Programs-JOOMLA - Page 45

ART CLASSES Wet Felted Silk Scarf Making Handcrafted Soap Create your own lightweight, super soft scarf with merino wool and mawata silk using centuries-old wet felting techniques. Sara takes silk that has been stretched on a frame and pulls it apart into very thin layers. The silk and merino wool are then combined to create products with stunning texture and drama – like a sophisticated tie-dye! Bring your lunch. Soap making has a fascinating history extending back to the founding of our country. Nichole Gerding, of Thankful Sage Farm School, shares her knowledge of both modern and ancient techniques, including the role of lye, saponification, and proper curing methods, and then demonstrates making cold process soap from start to finish. Everyone will get hands-on experience making a melt-and-pour soap that includes natural and local botanicals. Leave with a bar of cold process soap and a few sheets of simple recipes you can try at home. With Sara Setzer Section A: Saturday, July 20 10 am – 2 pm $75 (Materials included) Section B: Sunday, July 21 10 am – 2 pm $75 (Materials included) With Nichole Gerding Saturday, August 17 Section A: 10 am – 12 pm $35 (Materials included) Saturday, August 17 Section B: 1 – 3 pm $35 (Materials included) 45