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ART CLASSES BOTANICAL ART SERIES Mt. Cuba Center’s unique collections of native plants are a lovely muse for the art of botanical drawing. Using specimens from our gardens, learn how to draw flowers, foliage, and stems realistically in this entry level program. Start with the elements of line, shape, and form, and progress to developing your own personal drawing style. Begin with Learning to Draw Spring Wildflowers or dive into the upper level courses if you already have the basics! $150 per course or $400 for the series. A detailed list of required materials is available with the online class descriptions Learning to Draw Spring Wildflowers With Margaret Saylor Four Thursdays: April 11 to May 2 10 am – 1 pm Discover the fascinating details of spring wildflowers from Mt. Cuba Center’s gardens in this relaxed, beginner-level class. Develop basic drawing skills through observing and sketching a variety of flowers, leaves, and branches. Explore line, shape, and form, and follow up with instructor demonstrations. Plenty of exercises will build your confidence in drawing native spring flowers. No previous art experience needed. 42 Wildflowers in Color Putting It All Together Bring yourself to the next level with drawing native wildflowers from Mt. Cuba Center’s unique collections. Continue to learn basic botanical drawing skills, such as composition, scale, and perspective, while introducing simple color techniques that add another dimension to your work. A series of step- by-step exercises, instructor demonstrations, and one- on-one feedback sessions provide a strong foundation in botanical drawing. Students may work in watercolor or colored pencil. Continue to refine your botanical drawing and composition skills using color theory and exercises that reinforce botanical accuracy. Explore painterly techniques such as dry brush or watercolor washes that enhance your individual style while remaining true to the tenets of botanical drawing. Sketch, compose, and execute a finished piece applying the skills learned in all three sections. With Margaret Saylor Four Thursdays: May 9 to 30 10 am – 1 pm With Margaret Saylor Four Thursdays: June 6 to 27 10 am – 1 pm