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GARDENING CLASSES Rain Barrel Workshop NEW! With Ryan Kniola Grow a Living Bird Feeder With Jessica Shahan People are including rain barrels in their gardening plans because they are an inexpensive, easy way to save water for landscaping and prevent roof water from entering the pollution stream. With a 1,000 square foot roof, a quarter inch of rain can generate 150 gallons of water; and you can collect about 50 gallons of that by diverting only one of your downspouts to a rain barrel. Learn about stormwater management techniques, the value of conserving water, and the basic skills needed to install a rain barrel at home. Each year during fall and spring migrations, up to 4 billion birds fill the skies over the United States, all needing food to complete their journey. Join Jessica Shahan, naturalist at Newlin Grist Mill, to learn how to make your garden an all-season habitat for avian visitors large and small. Jessica discusses species diversity, seasonality, garden design elements, and the importance of your garden in a regional context. A tour of Mt. Cuba Center’s naturalistic gardens includes examples of native plants that attract and support birds. Saturday, May 18 10 am – 12 pm $29 Wednesday, May 29 (Rain Date: Tuesday, June 4) 10 am – 12 pm $29 Easy Tree ID for Beginners With Duncan Himmelman, PhD Do you ever wonder what the trees in your neighborhood are? Can you tell the difference between a native tree and an invasive thug? Maybe it’s time to take a beginner’s tree ID class! Join Duncan as he presents the best trees for our area and the ones to avoid planting. In-class lectures are reinforced with outdoor garden tours. What better place to learn about native trees than Mt. Cuba Center? Two Thursdays: May 23 & 30 (Rain Date: Thursday, June 6) 5:30 – 7:30 pm $69 “Pond-in-a-Pot” Container Garden With Kelly Billing Pond pots, sometimes referred to as “still pots”, nestle nicely into small spaces, such as balconies or decks, but they can also be tucked into nooks and crannies in spacious gardens. Kelly Billing, coauthor of The Water Gardener’s Bible, demonstrates how you can turn just about anything that holds water into a low maintenance water garden. From selecting pots and plants to annual maintenance and pest control, learn how to create a mini-habitat for birds and dragonflies this season. Friday, May 31 10 am – 12 pm $29 29