Mt. Cuba Center Programs Spring - Summer 2019 S2019-Programs-JOOMLA - Page 22

CERTIFICATE CLASSES ECOLOGICAL GARDENING CERTIFICATE CLASSES Course Name Hours Fundamentals of Ecological Gardening 8 Sustainable Landscape Techniques 8 Botany for Gardeners Enhancing Life in the Soil 8 16 Ecosystems and Plant Communities 16 Plant Propagation 8 Inviting Wildlife into the Garden 12 Native Plants of Spring 12 Native Plants of Summer 12 Native Plants of Fall 12 Integrated Pest Management 12 Plant Disease Management 8 Managing Invasive Plants 8 Environmental Landscape Design 18 Total Hours for Certificate Completion 22 158 Enhancing Life in the Soil With Eileen Boyle, Mark Highland, and Duncan Himmelman, PhD Never buy fertilizer again! Native plant communities are supported by healthy, balanced soils that contain a vast array of living organisms including microbes, insects, and other fauna. Learn the basics of soil science, the value of organic matter and its role in soil structure and nutrition, and the importance of soil organisms. Learn how to make and use compost and compost tea, and how sustainable gardening practices contribute to creating high quality garden soil. Go home with a greater understanding of the life in your soil and how to support it. Bring your lunch and dress for the outdoors. Four Fridays: March 8 to 29 (Snow Date: Friday, April 5) 10 am – 2:30 pm $250