Mt. Cuba Center Programs Spring - Summer 2019 S2019-Programs-JOOMLA - Page 16

FEATURED PROGRAMS HOME LANDSCAPING BASICS Do you want a beautiful yard, but don’t know where to begin? Through lectures, discussions, and site visits, this series offers professional guidance on how to develop landscapes that balance aesthetics with practicality. Start now on creating a home landscape that works best for you and the environment. Take one course or all three! Enroll in all three and be entered to win a free consultation with Mt. Cuba Center staff! $30 per course or $80 for the series. Getting Started With Eileen Boyle Sunday, March 31 1 – 3 pm Explore ways to create beautiful, ecologically diverse, and practical landscapes using basic principles of naturalistic garden design. Learn how to work with your site to solve problems and maximize its use. Assess the conditions of an existing landscape at Mt. Cuba Center, including views, microclimates, and sun, shade, and wind patterns. Leave with a checklist to get started on your own yard. Wear sturdy walking shoes. 16 Developing Curb Appeal With Madeline Dobbs and Duncan Himmelman, PhD Sunday, April 7 1 – 3 pm A welcoming entry to your home can be more than merely a lawn, a tree, and a regimented row of traditional foundation plants. Learn how to design a well- organized front yard that meets your needs, provides year-round interest and variety, and even increases your property value. Wear sturdy walking shoes. Right Plant, Right Place With Nancy Bell Sunday, April 14 1 – 3 pm Avoid costly errors by choosing the right plant for the right place based on the environmental conditions, available space, and desired look for your yard. Learn how to select site-appropriate native trees, shrubs, and perennials and creative ways to organize them into combinations that reduce maintenance, look great year-round, and mimic natural landscapes.