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THE FACTS DATES AVERAGE TEMPERATURES – Summer season runs from November 2018 to April 2019 – Average daytime temperatures on Mt Buller and Mt Stirling are around 9 – 11 degrees, peaking at 18 – 20 degrees in mid-summer. – The trail network for biking, running and walking opens progressively from 3 November and closes on Sunday 28 April, 2019. – Overnight temperatures can go as low as zero. – Whatever the month the temperature on the mountain is around 10 degrees lower than the valleys, and the big smoke. LOCATION – Easy 3 hour drive from Melbourne (248km to Mt Buller, 230 to Mt Stirling) That’s why we say Mt Buller is even cooler in summer! – Closest major alpine resort to an international airport in Australia MOUNTAIN ELEVATION Mt Buller – Summit altitude: 1,805m – Village altitude: 1,600m Mt Stirling – Summit altitude: 1,749m – Telephone Box Junction altitude: 1,234m Mt Buller & Mt Stirling Summer Media Guide 2018-19 6