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COME ON UP! MT BULLER & MT STIRLING You won’t believe you are just 3 hours away from the hustle of Melbourne when you step out of the car and into this pristine alpine setting. Listen to the black cockatoos, hear the gentle burbling of the river as the snow melts, smell the fresh eucalypt forest and feel the stress just melt away. Mt Buller and Mt Stirling transform into summer adventure playgrounds as the snow melts and ski runs make way for wildflowers and winding trails. Explore our two distinct mountains - each with their own style. Mt Buller is a fully serviced alpine village complete with accommodation, dining options, retail, bike hire and more. Mt Stirling, just across the valley, is a quiet, unspoiled secret. A cosy cafe, a visitor day centre and rustic huts are nestled in amongst tall, unspoiled alpine forest. Linking the two mountains is an extensive, world-class trail network combining single track and other trails that lure visitors from around the globe seeking riding, walking and running experiences like no other in our beautiful Australian alpine woodlands. Mt Buller & Mt Stirling Summer Media Guide 2017-18 2