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COMMITTED TO THE ENVIRONMENT MT STIRLING – RENEWABLE ENERGY Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management is the custodian of a unique and fragile alpine environment. Our team work closely with the community and visitors to strike a balance between protecting the ecosystem and providing access so we can all enjoy and explore this wonderful place. We are proud of our achievements and ongoing work in environmental best-practice to protect the flora, fauna and habitat so future generations can experience a healthy and thriving alpine environment. Our work includes supporting native plants and animals, controlling pests, conserving resources and promoting renewable energy use and waste reduction programs such as composting and recycling. MOUNTAIN PYGMY-POSSUM RECOVERY PLAN Mt Buller is home to a population of endangered Mountain Pygmy-possum (Burramys parvus), unique to Australia. These tiny creatures are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and make their home in the boulderfields and plum pine found throughout the ski runs around the mountain. They hibernate deep beneath the snow during winter and emerge come springtime to breed. The population of these vulnerable little possums was in serious decline due to habitat fragmentation and predators but an innovative Recovery Plan has enabled the possums to thrive and re-establish with the future now looking much brighter for our only native alpine mammal. Mt Buller & Mt Stirling Summer Media Guide 2018-19 Mt Stirling is pioneering a sustainable micro- hydroelectricity system powering the cafe and public facilities at Telephone Box Junction from the nearby creek. It’s a small but significant step in creating self- sufficiency at beautiful Mt Stirling and we hope inspiring others to explore similar technologies. THE LIVING BIN ORGANICS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Mt Buller is a leader in waste management and our closed loop onsite composting unit converts over 30 tonnes of food waste into valuable compost. Businesses, lodges and private homes in the resort sort and separate their food waste to stream it into this composting system and remove it from general waste. It’s a simple and effective way to combat the effects of climate change and support our environment. DON’T WASTE MT STIRLING Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management has launched an innovative Waste Kit to encourage and help visitors to “Leave No Trace” and sort their waste at various remote locations at Mt Stirling keeping the pristine alpine environment waste-free. 15