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BIKE BULLER Talk to anyone who knows anything about riding bikes and they will tell you - you simply have to ride at Mt Buller. Mt Buller has progressively invested in designing and expanding the trail network over the years with help from internationally renowned Glen Jacobs and his team. The trails on and around Mt Buller and Mt Stirling blend seamlessly into their environment and provide a superb riding experience taking riders on a magical journey through the beautiful alpine landscape. There are plenty of good reasons why Mt Buller sits high on any biking enthusiast’s list. Here are a few: – IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association) recognised Mt Buller as Australia’s first accredited Ride Centre back in 2012 for its range and quality of trails for gravity and cross country riding that offer something for every rider. – Mt Buller is home to Australia’s first flow trail (Copperhead) which provides a rolling rollercoaster experience with perfectly built banked turns that have you feeling like you are flying. – One of the best rides in the world. Experience the Southern Hemisphere’s first and only IMBA Epic Trail, the Australian Alpine Epic. It’s, well, epic. And we aren’t the only ones who think so. IMBA only give this special title to trails they deem iconic and that deliver a high-quality backcountry riding experience. Mt Buller & Mt Stirling Summer Media Guide 2018-19 11