Mt Buller Mt Stirling 2018-19 Summer Media Guide Mt Buller Mt Stirling 2018-19 Summer Media Guide - Page 10

WALK BULLER Humans were built to walk. It feels good. It’s great for your heart. It clears the mind. 30 minutes a day reduces your risk of stroke. You can whistle while you do it. It’s free. You don’t need a special outfit. There are just so many great reasons to go for a walk! Up here at Mt Buller and Mt Stirling there are even more good reasons for walking - and it all starts with our trails. We have short walks for the whole family perfect for taking in a view and pausing for a picnic and we also have exciting, multi-day adventures for the intrepid explorer. Find out more about our walks here. Take a moment as you meander along the trails to learn about the plants, animals and history of the area thanks to interpretive signs dotted along the way. Make sure you pick up a map and chat to our friendly staff (and locals you might meet along the way) for insider tips and guidance. If you enjoy a good walk, scenery to leave you swooning and exploring special parts of Victoria you will want to head up to Buller and Stirling sometime soon. When you’ve ticked off some of our walks we suggest you head here - Walk High Country to see what other gems are waiting for your feet. Mt Buller & Mt Stirling Summer Media Guide 2018-19 10