Mt Buller 2016 Winter Media Guide - Page 18

BULLER COMMITTED TO BEING GREEN Mt Buller works actively and diligently to protect and conserve the resort’s beautiful alpine environment. This is achieved through project management systems supporting habitat improvement, resource conservation, renewable energy use, recycling, composting and other forms of waste reduction. WHAT’S NEW In a first for an Australian Alpine Resort, Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management is installing a micro-hydroelectricity system which will supply all of the energy needs for Mt Stirling in a sustainable and environmentally sound way. The micro-hydroelectricity system will draw energy from the Falls Creek adjacent to Telephone Box Junction (TBJ) supplying power for the Resort Management Office, Ski Hire and Ski School, Stirling Café, Ski Patrol Base and Public Facilities. The project is due for completion within the next 12 months. ENVIRONMENT INITIATIVES Mt Buller continues to drive a number of environmental campaigns, encouraging the community and visitors to be actively aware of, and involved in, the conservation of the alpine environment. Resort Management is undertaking several environmental initiatives and supports research projects that aim to have a positive impact on habitat protection, biodiversity and longevity of snow. • Keep Winter Cool - carbon reduction campaign • Recovery of the Mountain Pygmy-possum population • The Living Bin - organics management system 17 2016 Winter Media Guide