MSHS 2014 Exam Schedule Spring 2014

MARION SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL FINAL REVIEW The review day for the final exams will be Monday, June 2 for underclassmen. The review day for Seniors will be Friday, May 23. A well-organized, carefully planned review will go a long way in preparing our students for their exams. During the review, please cover your policy relative to seating arrangement, questioning during exam, getting out of seats, talking, and turning in the completed exams. FINAL EXAMINATION GUIDELINES Teachers should go over the exam schedule with all students. Be sure that the students who attend the Career Center are aware of the schedule. All students who must take the exams are expected to take them during the regularly scheduled examination period. Please be sure to provide all students who have an IEP or 504 plan with the necessary test accommodations. Please turn in to the attendance office an alphabetized list of students, divided by periods, who are exempt from taking the exams. There must be a written exam for every class. One (1) copy of your exam with your name, the course name, and class period is due in the office by Tuesday, May 27. Please give these to Ms. Wymer. During the examination period, students are not permitted to leave the classroom. Do not allow students who have finished the exams to be in the halls or send them to run errands. Students are not allowed to leave class to checkout or to arrange for transportation home. All exams are to be graded by the teacher. Provide a list of students who failed the course to the guidance office as soon as possible. This should be provided by the end of the day on Friday, June 6, for underclassmen and by the end of the workday on Thursday, May 29, for seniors. Please leave a copy of your exam in the office for any student who was expected to take the exam but did not. Be sure to put the name of the student on the exam. Grades are to be entered in PowerSchool before the completion of the last day of school, June 6.