MSEJ September 2017 - Page 8


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When you’re applying to several positions, take time at the end of each week to simply analyze how things are going. How many jobs did you apply for, how many interviews did you get, and how many contacts did you make?

R—Reach out

Sports teams have coaches for a good reason. Players need someone who can observe what is happening in the game, someone who can give them advice so they can perform better (and without getting injured). The job market, much like the locker room, is always a good place for a pep talk—words of wisdom from someone who can tell you where you’re most valuable, and where you’re missing the mark. CASY & MSCCN have Employment Specialists who are available

to help you improve your game plan, and your personal network is a vital means to find new jobs and opportunities!

T—Think outside the box

BE CREATIVE. When the standard plays aren’t getting the job done, coaches and players have to step up and step out of their comfort zone. When things aren’t going the way you want them to in the job market, it’s time to take a risk. Explore a different industry, search further outside your target area, contact someone through social media, go to a trade association event…the possibilities are endless.

S—Sell yourself

It’s true, sports teams often have cheerleaders to get a buzz going in the stands. But sometimes it’s worth noting: you need to be able to cheer for yourself. Tell yourself that you’re doing a good job. Remind yourself of the assets you bring to the table. Go out to an interview dressed to impress, confident in your skills and your worth. Know your audience, and what will make them cheer—but also remember that you have skills and a story worth cheering about.

Perhaps Helen Rowland, an American journalist, said it best: “You will never win if you never begin.” It’s time to get out of the stands and back on the field. You have a victory in your future, as long as you get out there and get going!