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Is it time to get back

in the (job search) game?

No matter what the calendar says, for me fall begins as soon as the weather cools, the kids are back in school, and fall sports begin to dominate our house once more. This year, as you prepare to watch sports on TV, or take your kids to practices and games, maybe it’s also time for you to get back into the game. Maybe it’s time to reignite your job search by doing SPORTS.

But, Amy—wouldn’t an English teacher say I should play sports, or compete in sports? Isn’t “do sports” incorrect?

Yes and no.

Your English teacher is absolutely right, “doing sports” isn’t grammatically correct. But I told you to do SPORTS, which is a different matter altogether. On a recent Soldier for Life Facebook Live presentation, the hosts ran a contest for the best transition assistance advice. When all of the answers poured in, the winner was clear: Do SPORTS.

S—Start early

Don’t wait until game day to make a plan! Every team knows that games are won and lost long before teams take the field.

Games begin on the practice field, in daily drills, in the sleep you do (or don’t) get the night before. When counseling transitioning veterans, this is by far the advice we give the most, and the advice we most wish our clients would take to heart. While most people plan for 3-12 months of transitioning, the vast majority of people find that they actually need 18-24 months to fully transition out of the military.

By: Amy Rossi