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Farewell, Summer

We hardly knew you.

By now the kids should be back to school (bless you amazing teachers as well as homeschooling parents), and the “vacations” should have ended (though if you are still on vacation, good for you. Take me with you, PLEASE).

So long summer. Winter is coming. And I, for one, am thrilled.

Let me count the reasons why.

1. I will be able to reach most of the people I need to because we are all back from “vacation.”

Luckily, I’m not reaching out to hiring managers to see if they’ve received my resume (vacation

times are the worst for job seekers), but I am constantly trying to keep track of which contacts are enjoying the beach and which are in the office.

2. I will only be chef and activity coordinator for part of the day. My child thrives at school; it is the place where she gets to lead, and I’m happy for her to return to her happy place.

3. I will stop pretending I am the vacationing type, or I will learn to change. We have taken a few trips this summer, vacations if

you will. I haven’t totally disconnected at all. If anything, I’ve just had the added stress of “vacationing” and “relaxing” when I know I have things I need to get done.

Maybe next summer, I’ll vacation.

4. My home office will be filled with fresh air since the temperatures will decrease to comfortable levels.

Are you sad to see summer go or ready to move into the next season?