MSEJ September 2017 - Page 19


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Are you working on your fourth undergraduate degree? You may need to consider whether you’re working toward or against your long-term goals.

5. Because the program accepted you—even though they have a questionable reputation or success rate.

It’s nice to be wanted, it’s nice to be told you’re accepted. But it’s not nice to wake up when the program is done to find out you’re out a bushel of money and no one takes your degree or certification seriously. There are, simply put, predatory and questionable universities and programs out there.

Do your homework before committing to any option, and make sure that your program provides the outcomes that you are looking for.

School is a great place to be. I spent a wonderful 11.5 years there, so clearly I’m a fan. But school isn’t the only place to be, and there are always costs to choosing one path over another.

Before you make your choice, think about the time, energy, and financial costs to you beyond using up those benefits. Yes, benefits are great, and it feels good to use them, but these other things—your time, your energy, your financial future… They aren’t worth wasting either. |