MSEJ September 2017 - Page 14

As added incentive, many skilled tradesman training programs are specifically designed with military members in mind. Onward 2 Opportunity in Partnership with the Veterans Career Transition Program (O2O-VCTP) is a free, career training program that provides professional certification and

job placement support to transitioning military, veterans, and military spouses. O2O also works with the Institute of Veterans and Military Families, a branch of the University of Syracuse, to offer educational and vocational training programs.

Two other excellent opportunities for military members to become skilled trade workers include Adaptive Construction Solutions and Warrior4Wireless. Adaptive Construction Solutions offers on-the-job training and apprenticeships for veterans in Texas. This program consists of a 12-day paid training period. Once training is complete, veterans are immediately placed on job sites.

Warrior4Wireless, a tower tech training program, offers a two-week on-site training which results in industry recognized certifications and job placement. These are only a few of the training opportunities offered exclusively to the military community.

If you are tired of re-working your resume, and think that a corporate office job might not really be what you’re after, maybe it’s time to step back and take a good, long look at all of your options.

Skilled trade positions are in demand, and the training and certifications required don’t come with the same financial burdens as college tuition. Who knows—one of those 6.2 million jobs could be the one you never knew you wanted until you tried.

Have you considered a trade?

6.2 million trade-related positions in America