MSEJ September 2017 - Page 11



Lori was hired as a Child and Adolescent Clinician after working with MSCCN!


Hiring Challenge: After getting laid off from a contract position as a career counselor for transitioning soldiers in September 2016, I was unable to even get an interview, let alone a job in the local area. Being a military spouse, in my eyes, limited me because I didn’t feel as though obtaining a license in my field (mental health) made sense if we were just going to have to move within the year. This was detrimental to my search and became extremely frustrating.


Assistance Received:  Mrs. Weakly was extremely helpful throughout this process. She was able to help me update my resume to make it more appealing, easier to read, and targeted for each job applied for. She also walked me through different websites for my job search that I had not been previously aware of. She also provided useful tips for the interview process as well.

Results:  My resume was tailored perfectly to the job that I was applying for, which helped me to get the interview. The interview skill tips, ultimately, helped me obtain my dream job … and calmed my nerves.

Value of Experience: Being a military spouse is hard, but being a military spouse who wants/needs to work can be frustrating and overwhelming. When I got my Master’s Degree, I honestly never thought I’d have this difficult of a time getting a job, but there were days when I really questioned if I had chosen the right career path. There’s so much uncertainty that we face because our spouses’ careers literally dictate where we will be and when we will be there. Having programs like this, in my opinion, helps military spouses realize that we aren’t alone in this endeavor and that there are people who actually do realize what it’s like for us and want to help.


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