MSEJ September 2017 - Page 10

Happy Update Your Resume Month!

(Yes, that's a thing.) In honor of Update Your Resume Month, our team brings you the following friendly reminders:

One work experience should not take up ¾ of the page. Keep it short and simple.

Do: Reflect the wording from the job description, Don’t: copy/paste (There is a difference).

Spellcheck, spellcheck, spellcheck… spellcheck.

Don't put everything you have ever done on your resume. Do include relevant volunteer work.

Put relevant work experience on your resume; make sure it pertains to the position you are applying for.

Avoid excessive use of bolding, incorrect capitalization, and unnecessary spacing.

FONT size. Using 8 point is annoying, 13 point takes up too much space, especially when the resume is already 5 pages!

Have someone look at every revision, even the 100th and any short notice submissions.

Photo by Karim Ilya. CC Attribution 2.0 Generic License

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