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Congratulations, Richard!

After two months of working with CASY, Richard found employment!

Hiring Challenge:

Trying to find a recruiter who would give me a chance to decide if the starting salary was enough. I believe most of them saw my extensive experience and assumed I would want/need a lot more salary than they were willing to offer. The recruiter at Unisys was friendly, courteous, and straightforward with the salary I was to expect. I told her that it was fine and I looked forward to working for the Unisys Company.

Assistance Received:

I was assisted greatly by the reviewing of my resume and suggestions as to how to make it stand out better. A few other details of my resume were suggested for change, as well.

Result of Assistance:

I believe the resume assistance was a great help in landing me this job. My diligence in searching for jobs (This was a 4-hour job fair so there were probably tens, if not hundreds, of people who attended), professional dress, and experience, and better resume format, were all combined to achieve the goal of employment.

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