MSEJ October 2017 - Page 7

Admittedly, breaches like those at Equifax show us that total security is impossible, but companies that access your data should be vigilant and dedicated to safeguarding your information.

When/how long will that information be accessible?

One of our ICs recently recounted the following story to me, “A few years ago, we PCSed to the school my husband had attended nine years earlier. He made use of the same drycleaners he had when a student there. They still had his address and credit card on file!”

You should know whether the company will keep your information for an extended amount of time and how you can close out the account if necessary. Old information is useful to hackers (have you ever went through a validation process that asked “which of the following is a street you lived on?”), and the less your historical information is out there, the better.

Why are they asking for that information?

“Why” is probably one of the most important questions you can ask before you upload your resume. I hate to question people’s motives, but your resume, your data--they have currency. For-profit corporations and non-profit organizations alike can “sell” or charge a fee to individuals who want to access your information, as I mentioned above.

I have my own thoughts on whether organizations should barter with your data, but I at least think you have to weigh competing purposes. Is it more important to the organize that they collect your resume to help you or to achieve some other goal?

The “Too Long Didn’t Read” Version

Be vigilant in considering where you post your information. Companies should put the safety and protection of your information first, and you should question the motives of anyone who prioritizes some other goal over your privacy. Protect Your Network.

CASY & MSCCN adhere to the highest security standards when it comes to our jobseekers’ private information. We have worked closely with IBM, who has a long history of ensuring data security, to safeguard your information. Our team is trained to handle your information with care and as if it were their own. We never provide outside individuals or agencies with direct access to your information, and we never sell or charge for your resume.