MSEJ October 2017 - Page 4


Are You risking your Network's security?

In between hurricane hits, you may have heard about the Equifax data breach, which has impacted some 143 million American consumers.

143 million.

That’s a lot of Americans. And that’s a big data breach.

When we think about networks, we tend to think about those people we connect with, but when job

searching and submitting resumes to countless job boards, your networking expands to those hiring managers and agencies using the job board. If you aren’t careful, that network can expand to unwanted connections--hackers and spammers trying to steal your information.

It’s nearly impossible to protect yourself from some breaches (like the Equifax one), but that doesn’t mean we can’t be smart with how we treat our data. (And there are some actions you can take regarding the Equifax hack. Learn more here.

We all breeze through those user agreements. I mean, who has time to read all the fine print? (Have you ever looked at

all the fine print included with an app on your phone? I know I don’t have the time.)

By Deb Kloeppel, President & Founder,


When putting your personal information out there, like when job searching, ask yourself the five Ws to determine whether the site is safe.