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Be Aggressive. B-E-AGGRESSIVE.

Nothing is more uninviting then invading another person’s physical space, talking loudly, and wildly gesticulating to get your point across. Disagree with someone? Shout it from the rooftops! You’ll be removed from all future event invites for certain.

Talk Politics and Religion at the Same Time.

Want some alone time? Spark a lively debate about the President’s latest tweets or HRC’s book. But don’t forget to mix it with your take on changing blue laws, stores closing on Sunday, and other important debates.

All Joking Aside…

If an event is not your “thing,” don’t feel compelled to stay, and don’t sabotage yourself using one of the not so okay recommendations above.

Politely bow out, head home, and enjoy your evening. One networking event absence (or two, three, or four) will not destroy your chances at achieving your career goals.

Happy Networking!

P.S. If you have ever been guilty of one of the first three recommendations, rethink how you interact in a networking environment. It’s okay to be there for the free food, but I wouldn’t admit it aloud.

When Networking Goes Bad