MSEJ October 2017 - Page 21

Stay connected with faculty and staff after class ends. Some faculty members will be thrilled to connect while you are a student, but others will prefer to connect after class has ended.

Remember which faculty members and staff you’ve enjoyed working with and which ones seem to be “in the

know” when it comes to your career field. They’ve (more than likely) networked with colleagues around the country and globe and often know about internships, graduate programs, and funding that could benefit you.

(Additionally, if you foresee yourself needing references, they may be able to assist you.)

Connect with the career services office. Long after you’ve graduated, you can use the career services office to search for jobs, get job readiness help, and so on. Connect now so that they remember who you are later.

Connect with professionals at career fairs. Companies tend to

have dedicated recruiters who attend college job fairs. These individuals are typically interested and invested in developing new graduate talent. Meet them, shake hands with them, and hold on to their business card for when you are ready to devote your energies toward your job search.

Remember, everyone is a potential connection! Get out there and connect with the person sitting in class with you or across the desk from you.


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