MSEJ October 2017 - Page 20

Photo by Karim Ilya. CC Attribution 2.0 Generic License

for ROTC Cadets

Networking in College

Whether you are a military kid, dependent, Veteran, or ROTC Cadet attending college, you are going to need a network. Networks make college an easier space to navigate (study group anyone?) and can improve your professional outlook once you graduate. Luckily, colleges are natural places for networking. There’s a possible connection—EVERYWHERE.

Connect with classmates. Whether in a general ed class or a major class, classmates are there to help in the immediate (study groups, clarification of directions, etc). Most of them will graduate near the time you graduate, making them fellow job seekers. What better way to multiply the strength of your job search than by sharing the

burden (and the bliss) with your former classmates?

Connect with club members. Hopefully, you’ll have time for clubs and groups connected to your major or professional interests (if you don’t, we would encourage you to find some time). These connections may be your colleagues someday so there’s no better time than now to connect, share resources, and build relationships.