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Business Cards: This first item is a simple one, yet I’ve found myself without a card more often than I care to remember. When it comes to a business card, there are several different options out there at a variety of price points.

Keep in mind that your business card is a representation of who you are as a professional, so when you select a design, consider the message that you are sending. As someone in a creative industry, my business cards privilege good design, a clear, legible font, and a picture on the back—just in case I’m at an event where someone might remember my face better than my name when looking through cards at a later date.

Regardless of your profession, your card should always contain your first and last name, your email address, and your phone number. While it may be tempting to put your address on there, consider how often you will be moving before making that commitment. And, if you’re anything like me, it may help to have more than one business card holder. I’ve grown frustrated with the fact that I don’t have a card when I need it, so now I keep a set in my work bag, a set in my purse, and one or two in my wallet, just in case.

A Professional Voicemail: While we’re on the topic of contact information… when you give out your phone number, make sure that you have a professional voicemail at the ready to take calls when you aren’t available. Yes, your friends may love the fact that your voicemail plays “Space Oddity” and that they can sing along with David Bowie before leaving a message; however, a company or a hiring manager might get the wrong idea (unless they have guaranteed great taste in music). Ask the caller to leave their name, number, a brief message, and remember to check your voicemail so that you can return their call in a timely manner.

A Professional Web Presence: This toolkit item comes in a variety of options depending on your target job and industry. In some cases, this just means doing a Google search of yourself, cleaning up any undesirable web mentions, and creating a professional, updated LinkedIn page.

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