MSEJ November 2018 - Page 30

The San Diego region has the largest concentration of military members in the world. Approximately 134,000 members of the Navy, Marines Corps, Reserves, and DoD civilians currently work in San Diego County. One out of every six of the nation’s Sailors lives here, and more than one-fourth of Marines are stationed in San Diego.

A key synergy exists between San Diego and the military. While the region’s defense ecosystem enables the nation to carry out its security objectives worldwide, military-linked spending delivers economic benefits to the region, far exceeding those of any other sector.

More than 240,500 veterans reside in San Diego. Military veterans make up more than 13% of the population of San Diego County. San Diego County is estimated to have the third-highest number of veteran residents of any county in the nation.

Given the prevalence of the military and veteran community in the San Diego region, CASY & MSCCN determined that 2018 needed to be a year of change on the Pacific coast. By adding an Outreach position specifically dedicated to San Diego, CASY & MSCCN made a commitment to bolster efforts to engage these military and veteran populations, to ensure that they have the training they need for the jobs they want, and to make a positive impact in the San Diego military employment community.

CASY: Making Progress on the Pacific Coast