MSEJ November 2018 - Page 27| HOT JOBS 27

Pittsburgh has been rallying strong in the top rankings for “most livable city” since 2005, when The Economist touted the city’s strengths. The buzz about Pittsburgh has only grown since then, as its ratings have remained high over a decade.

Why is Pittsburgh the place to be?

Articles cite its favorable education, healthcare, culture, environment, and infrastructure. Forbes went a step further to highlight Pittsburgh’s major industries as bio-science, healthcare, and technology. Not too shabby, considering our history involves a lot of coal miners and steel workers. Pittsburgh is a city informed by the past, but looking toward the future.

In 2018, Pittsburgh is also notable as a city because it’s home to one of the largest populations of military-affiliated groups, which are scattered throughout our region.

I’m sure there are plenty of technical reasons for this, but it may ultimately come down to Pittsburgh’s infamous “boomerang effect.” It’s the stuff of local legend: People who begin their lives in Pittsburgh will leave, thinking they are gone for good… and yet, at some point in their lives, they will swing back around and come home.

I don’t doubt this for a minute.

I’ve joined the boomerang club myself.

There is a special, family feel to the culture here in Pittsburgh. It’s a place that emphasizes the importance of togetherness and teamwork. We like face-to-face conversations, joining together for a cause, saying “hello” to each other on the streets, and recovering triumphantly from life and economic hardships better than we ever were. With a reputation like that, it’s no wonder this city is a haven for our nation’s military veterans and their families.


Embracing the Boomerang

(L to R) Crystal McFadden, Don Fried, and Megan Noe representing CASY at the Pittsburgh Veterans Employers Coalition (PVEC) Activity #5, September 2018.