MSEJ November 2018 - Page 20

Ask the Expert:

Behavior-Based Interviews

Q: I’m preparing for my job interviews, but I’m worried about behavior-based interviews. I’ve heard that Veterans typically don’t score as well in this kind of interview, over the phone or face-to-face.

I think my military decision--making and leadership style could put me at a disadvantage in this kind of interview. What are companies really looking for from my answers?

A: I think I can feel your nerves from here! Behavior-Based interviews can be nerve-wracking for anyone, Veteran or otherwise. But when it comes to your question, I think the answer is really two-fold: we need to address behavioral interview questions, but we also need to tackle how to overcome limiting beliefs.

I know you wrote wanting to talk behavioral questions (and we will!), but let’s address limiting beliefs first.

The statement “I won’t do well in these types of interviews due to my military decision-making training and leadership style” just isn’t true. Most companies value military leaders due to their ability to quickly analyze a situation and implement solutions—even when they are unpopular. Military leaders have a reputation in the civilian hiring world, and it’s for staying the course to get the mission (job) done.

This training you’re concerned about is the very reason that companies are spending millions of dollars on military internship programs, Veteran hiring initiatives, and open houses to attract Veterans to their companies. If you’re looking for a great, free resource to banish those limiting beliefs, you can download Heroes Get Hired: How to Use Your Military Experience to Master the Interview from Amazon.

By Amy Rossi

Limiting beliefs come from stories we tell ourselves, statements we make to justify outcomes we experience. These beliefs don’t necessarily have any basis in fact, though you can probably come up with plenty of anecdotal evidence to support them.

Limiting beliefs are just hanging around to assure you that you’re never going to get what you want. But we can change that.