MSEJ November 2018 - Page 2

When we speak to our applicants, the one thing they consistently come back to is their gratitude for the Employment Specialist/applicant relationship.

So, today and every day, we’d like to give thanks for our enthusiastic, informed, and dedicated ES Team. They are truly the lifeblood of this organization. Without their efforts, our mission would not be possible. In any given day, our ES Team helps candidates to:

⦁Determine the type of jobs they're looking for, where to find them, and how to land them

⦁Revise their resume(s)

⦁Create and use a LinkedIn profile

On top of all that, our ES Team also finds and sends applicants:

⦁Relevant job postings

⦁Resources for job training and on-the-job advancement

⦁Interview tips and tricks, while providing pre-interview practice

Perhaps most importantly, our ES Team encourages and listens to candidates who are having a tough time in the job market (even when they’re stubborn and don’t particularly feel like listening to expert advice).

"For the candidate, I think it helps to have a cheerleader, a guide through the employment process. They know they have someone on their side who has experience and knowledge when it comes to employment, someone who will give them honest and productive advice. It’s a relationship that’s all about communication and realistic expectations. For me, the best day is when I get a notice saying my candidate was hired. Knowing that I helped someone, that I made a difference in their life, means the world."

-ES and writer, Amanda Marksmeier

Thank you, Employment Specialist Team!


Giving Thanks