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CASY & MSCCN Boards Convene in Plano, Texas

On Thursday and Friday, October 26 and 27, 2017, the CASY & MSCCN boards convened in Plano, Texas at Boeing Global Services Headquarters to discuss year-to-date achievements as well as next steps for the organizations as they close out 2017.

The boards recognized and thanked Ms. Lynn Hamilton for her support of

MSCCN, which she has fulfilled as Chairwoman of the board. Founder and President Deb Kloeppel praised Ms. Hamilton, saying "We simply could not have achieved as much as we have without Lynn's financial support and leadership. We are thrilled to have her continue as an advisor to our organization."

The board also announced the

addition of Ms. Candee Chambers, Executive Director at DirectEmployers Association, and Mr. James Smeling, J. D., Executive Vice President for Student Veterans of America.

Senior Executive Vice President Stacy Bayton noted the wealth of knowledge these additions bring, "Candee and James are experts in their respective fields, and we are excited to have their support for the CASY & MSCCN missions. We know that moving forward, they will help us grow and excel."

The board also recognized and thanked Mr. Dan Goldenberg, Executive Director of the Call of Duty Endowment, for his continued and unwavering advocacy for CASY & MSCCN, as well as the CASY & MSCCN team who work nonstop for the betterment of our military community.

CASY & MSCCN are poised for continued growth. In 2017, they have made wonderful headway into relevant and focused partnership and created extremely powerful alignments with government and military avenues of support and job placement success.