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Don't Forget, It's Time to Apply for Seasonal Work

Many online and brick and mortar retail chains hire in the late Fall months to provide customer service for the Christmas holiday shopping season.

In my local community, I've seen "seasonal positions open" signs in many different store fronts. Big retail chains as well as mom and pop shops are already looking for those individuals who are going to help them survive the holiday mayhem.

Although the Christmas season may feel like it’s far away, it will be here before you know it. In fact, Black Friday is a mere 11 days away.

CASY & MSCCN employers have begun their search for seasonal employees.

Seasonal work may be right for you if…

You like fast-paced work (because typically you’ll be pretty busy during the peak shopping season).

You are looking for part or full time work, and are willing to work any shift.

You just want some extra money in the short term, but don’t want to work throughout the year.

Where to find seasonal work: You can visit local stores (think the mall or big-box stores) and see if they are hiring.

Additionally, some businesses do post to popular job boards like Indeed. But if you are looking for work from home or temporary positions, CASY & MSCCN have some for you.