MSEJ November 2017 - Page 18

Understanding CASY & MSCCN:

How We Work for You

CASY & MSCCN have grown exponentially over the years. What started as a small operation has grown into a dedicated team of experts who support applicants throughout their job search process and beyond. Continue reading to learn about how we serve you.

Who do CASY & MSCCN serve?

CASY supports all of our transitioning military members, Veterans, Guard members, and Reservists.

Been out of the military for two decades?

Just beginning your service in the Reserve?

Have six months until you ETS?


MSCCN supports all military and Veteran spouses, dependents, and caregivers.

Are you a military kid looking for a summer job?

Are you a military spouse who just PCSed?

Are you a caregiver looking for online work?