MSEJ May 2018 - Page 29

Meet Janet—and Your Mission

While this may be your first time “meeting” Janet Farley, I have counted her as a vital resource for several years. Her most recent book, Mission Transition: Managing Your Career and Your Retirement is the latest in a body of work devoted to military life, military members, and helping military families. She has written several books regarding military spouse employment and career success and documented lessons learned in Military Life 101: Basic Training for New Military Families. I am also thrilled that my work is featured alongside hers in Stories Around the Table: Laughter, Wisdom and Strength in Military Life.

More recently, Janet asked that I contribute a financial perspective on the new Blended Retirement System (BRS) for Mission Transition. Now that the book is here, I’ve asked her a favor in return: to answer questions for the MSEJ’s new book series that will help you navigate the journey from military member to civilian. After all, with nine books to her name, she’s definitely a SME. (continued on the next page)

What are you reading?

Janet Farley: I just finished reading Dan Brown’s Origin and I want to start Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly next.

Find Janet on Twitter

@mil2civguide or

Starlett Henderson: Right now, I’m reading Lab Girl, by Hope Jahren.


Janet is mulling over ideas for her next book, which may include motivation and resources for those who “have had the professional wind knocked out of them.”

This is good news for all of us. Though we don’t ever want to feel adrift in terms of employment and life, it’s reassuring to know you needn’t look farther than the bookshelf for a necessary attitude adjustment.