MSEJ May 2018 - Page 28| HOT JOBS 28

Mission Possible:

A Title to Get You Through Your Transition

By: Starlett Henderson

It’s never fun to be the new guy.

It’s especially difficult to be the new guy if you are a seasoned service member, and have spent the past few years of your life as a subject matter expert (SME) when it comes to mission planning or leadership development.

For Veterans entering the civilian workforce, the space they are entering is a kind of in-between. The term “retiree” conjures up images of rest and relaxation or a sense of being “Master of Your Own Universe,” rather than a business card-carrying member of #teamnewbie who needs to begin again. Whether you are a retired service member, or are entering the private sector prior to military retirement eligibility, becoming a civilian means entering the world of first impressions and establishing credibility in a new field.

Although job fairs and resume workshops may leave you feeling awkward and even a little lonely, know that you are not alone. Instead, you are one of 100,000 service members leaving the military and looking for work.

You are the reason that CASY and its contemporaries exist, and you are also the reason that field guides for

transitioning military members are growing at a steady rate. At the MSEJ, we are working to bring these resource recommendations to you, and this quarter we’re beginning with Janet Farley’s

Mission Transition: Managing Your Career and Your Retirement.