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Career Opportunities | Worldwide101

Founded in 2012, Worldwide101 is a 100% remote premium virtual business support company with team members across North America and Europe. We help founders and executives move their business forward by providing highly skilled remote talent that they can trust to represent their business and carry out tasks responsibly.

We currently have openings in executive assistance, marketing, project management, bookkeeping, and paralegal work. All our positions are remote (work from home), and we offer flexible scheduling as well to fit our team’s unique lifestyles. We look for candidates with 7+ years of experience in their field of expertise - there are no junior members on the Worldwide101 team. All positions start at $20 an hour.

What sets Worldwide101 apart from other business support companies is that our team members choose which clients they want to work with. That way, we know the professional is interested in the work and invested in the success of the client. Our team works with clients long-term as well (many have worked together for years!).

So we’re not a task-to-task based virtual support company. Our team integrates into their clients’ businesses to learn their processes, systems, and preferences. Our team members become an integral member of the client team - all from their home office!

We look for candidates who share our core values of kindness, proactiveness, and dedication to delivering premium, quality work. We also look for candidates who are passionate about working remotely and the work-life balance that comes with it.

We look for potential team members who are:

Self motivated

Proactive, (and who take pride in and responsibility for their work)

Punctual and reliable

Detail oriented and concerned about quality

Results oriented

● Looking for a long term partnership

Excited about helping founders and executives grow their companies

Through many years of hiring team members, we’ve found that our military spouse candidates truly excel. We believe that is because working together is a great win-win. Our military spouse team members deeply appreciate the flexibility (and location independence) of our positions, and we recognize and value the vital skills they have

cultivated through their unique lifestyle that make them incredibly successful in this line of work: flexibility, adaptability, versatility, calmness under pressure, interpersonal skills, organizational skills. The list goes on and on…

We like to make sure our applicants know that although you’ll be working independently in your role, you’re never alone! Worldwide101 and our entire team are there to support you the entire time. Whether you need help solving a problem for a client, advice on a certain task, tech assistance, or just want to talk something though, we’re with you! We pride ourselves on the great team culture we’ve been able to cultivate across North America and Europe.

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