MSEJ May 2018 - Page 23| HOT JOBS 23

Customer Service Skills

Many of the skills required in customer service positions are soft skills. Depending on the level of technicality a position entails, employees may need a high level of proficiency in a product type or technical field. Still, many companies provide training to get their employees up to date on products and processes. So, for a starting position in customer service, it’s most important to have the following skills/traits:

Good communication skills, especially listening and speaking

Empathy and a willingness to “hear” others

Time management skills

Ability to learn

Problem solving skills

Sound like you? For additional skills, check out O*NET’s list at:

Career Progression and Growth

The Department of Labor reports growth at a rate of 5% through 2026, which is on par with most other areas of the economy. Individuals interested in growing their

profession in the field can become managers who direct teams or whole departments. There’s also the opportunity to become a customer service trainer who is responsible for orienting new employees and providing additional training on best practices to current employees.

Training Requirements

Typically, entry-level customer service jobs

require a high school diploma. Employees are trained on the job. However, you can gain additional training through IVMF’s VCTP program, which offers courses in Call Center Fundamentals and Customer Service Excellence. You can learn more about those courses here:

What Customer Service Can Offer

(Even if You Aren’t a Customer Service Professional)

Even if you aren't a customer service professional, a role in customer service can provide you with a job in remote locations and portability. It can give you a chance to grow the soft skills that you often need in any career, and it can provide you with a professional life that many of us desire.

If you are interested in obtaining a position in the customer service field, speak with your employment specialist. CASY & MSCCN often have opportunities that may fit your needs.