MSEJ May 2018 - Page 22

Why customer service?

Customer service positions have a lot to offer. If you are looking for a remote position or a potentially PCS-proof position, customer service might be right for you. Some positions offer flexibility, allowing you to choose which shifts you work. If you have other skill sets and experience, customer service positions are often available if you are stationed in locations where there aren’t many career opportunities. Companies often increase their customer service staff at the holidays, so customer service can appeal to individuals just looking for extra cash at the holidays too.

Where can you find customer service jobs?

The short answer is everywhere. Any organization that provides clients with a good or service will require a variety of service-oriented positions. Almost all industries have a customer service aspect to them—whether it be information technology, sales, higher education, or healthcare. Both large companies (like Amazon and Apple) and small companies (like your local shops) have a need for customer service representatives.

What do customer service jobs look like?

While customer service comes in all shapes and sizes, the jobs themselves tend to focus on aspects of the sales/service delivery process, including:

Ordering/Sales Support: helping customers make their purchase.

Activation Support: providing the customer with access to the product.

Problem/Troubleshooting Support: helping the customer with any problem along the way, including tracking a purchase, replacing a broken item, accessing an online platform, et al.

Customer Care: helping the customer in any general way, possibly providing triage to connect them with the right resource to resolve their problem, provide them support, or accept their compliments.

This year, CASY & MSCCN are focusing on specific industries and jobs of interest to our job seekers, including:

Transportation & Logistics, Cybersecurity, Finance, Security - Law Enforcement/Government Contracting Positions, IT, HR, Remote Customer Service, Administrative / Clerical, Hospitality, Trade/Manufacturing & Robotics, and Healthcare.

At CASY & MSCCN, we’ve found that the majority of our candidates are interested in pursuing positions in these fields. In an effort to serve you better, we are beginning a new series in the MSEJ that focuses on specific industries.

Through these industry-driven deep dives, we’re going to give you a crash course in what these fields look like, what career opportunities exist, the skills and training that are needed, and where you can find positions. We’re here to help you build your industry-specific career.