MSEJ May 2018 - Page 20| HOT JOBS 20

Customer Service—Job Opportunities for All

A growing industry with remote positions, Customer Service offers opportunities to almost everyone.

Just starting your career?

Stationed in a small economy lacking professional opportunities in your field?

Looking for part-time or seasonal work?

Looking for a remote position you can PCS with?

Want flexible work?

Customer service can offer all this and much more.

Customer Service—Is it as simple as it sounds?

Yes… and no.

Customer service is essentially a label that covers any position that helps to serve a customer’s needs. However, the definition of customer service has expanded beyond jobs in brick-and-mortar locations.

Customer service positions may require that the agent provide general information to the customer, sales and ordering

support, activation support, troubleshooting support, customer care related to delivery of service or accessing services… you get the idea. Individuals who work in customer service are a liaison between the customer and the company. They exist to make sure that both parties get what they need in a timely, professional, manner while representing the company’s brand.

Customer service positions can also serve as a platform to build a host of transferable knowledge, such as working as a part of a team, time management, and the ability to communicate clearly, no matter the situation.

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