MSEJ May 2018 - Page 19

Congratulations, Tanya!| HOT JOBS 19

After working with MSCCN for four months, she accepted a Learning & Development Specialist position!

Hiring Challenge: After an 11-year full-time career, I worked from home consulting in the Instructional Design field for 16 years while I raised my children. I just moved to a new area and desired a full-time position.

Assistance Received: A recent retiree led me to MSCCN. Ms. Jenna Weakly, my Employment Specialist, assisted me with tailoring my resume to each position for which I applied, coaching me with my responses to interview questions, and refining my search. I attended webinars on resume writing and interviewing skills. Ms. Weakly also shared links to sample cover letters and thank you notes, both of which I used.

Result of Assistance: I learned how to tailor my resume to each position I sought, using key words and matching terminology. My interview skills were enhanced, and I was more prepared for interview questions, as they were similar to the ones for which I was coached.

Personal Statement of Value of Experience: I was resistant to cutting so much from my resume (after a 25-year career), but Ms. Weakly helped me realize that irrelevant experience merely detracted from the relevant experience I had for each position. I developed a master resume with ALL my experience, then cut any experience not relevant to the job sought. My mock interviews were very helpful as it had been a long time since I last prepared for an interview. The position I eventually won required a video interview, 2 face-to-face interviews, and a 30 minute presentation to 12 employees. I had never done a video interview, and it was very awkward for me, but being prepared for answers removed much of the stress. I am not sure I would have gotten this position without Ms. Weakly’s help. I am grateful for this organization and would recommend it to any recently retiring veteran or spouse ready to dig in and do the hard work it takes to get a job!