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Summer Jobs for Kids

I can almost feel it. It’s coming.

That summer breeze that will go from soft and welcome to a humid, hazy heat that pretty much leaves me holed up in my house with the AC on full blast.

As I type this, I almost want to welcome it. It’s been a cold winter, we’re all in need of a little warm-up. However, as someone who still works remotely while the kids are home on summer break, I know the challenges that are ahead (I promise, we’ll do better this year).

So, confession time.

You might say, I’m not exactly a fan of summer. If I have ever indicated that I am elsewhere—and I probably have—I apologize for that falsehood. Minus some much-needed Vitamin D, my pleasant feelings about summer connect not to thoughts of vacation, but to memories of work.

I learned a lot about work during my summers as a teenager. I learned what kind of work I like to do, and what kind of work I despise. In fact, my favorite job of all time is still the time I spent screen-printing t-shirts, and my least favorite job

still involves cooking french fries in oil in the summer heat. My summer college job (not to be confused with my school-year job) offered much needed relief from all the burnout I felt by the end of spring semester.

I realize that everyone may not have such fond memories of summer work. I’ll admit behind my nostalgia is the reality that I was one of those kids who needed to work

to pay for school. But, hindsight being 20/20 and all, even that fact, in my opinion, is a good thing. What can I say, for me, summer is a time for teens to work, to find out what they love, what they hate, and what they can do all on their own.

Maybe you’re like me and you recall the days of summer jobs with a

By Jamie Boyle