MSEJ February 2018 - Page 8

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for ROTC Cadets

According to The 2016 Jobvite Recruiter Nation Report, “The overwhelming majority (87%) of recruiters find LinkedIn® most effective when vetting candidates during the hiring process — especially those under 45 (90%).”

Like Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, “If you build it (your LinkedIn® profile), they will come.”

And you should build it.

Don’t want to add another page to your finely crafted resume? Have experience that’s relevant, but not that relevant?

The LinkedIn® profile is a great place to present a fuller version of your professional self. Your profile can fill in the potential missing pieces while showing who you are professionally and how awesome you would be for the hiring company.

Need help crafting your targeted resumes or LinkedIn® profile? A CASY & MSCCN employment specialist can assist. We also offer monthly live resume and LinkedIn® training, as well as self-paced trainings in our learning management system. Our self-paced LinkedIn® training takes you step by step through the process to develop your profile.

As you move through your job search journey, may the odds be ever in your favor—but make sure you have all the arrows you need in your quiver.