MSEJ February 2018 - Page 4

Welcome to 2018, and welcome to the first quarter Military Services Employment Journal (MSEJ)!

If you are asking yourself, “How is it February already, and where was my January MSEJ,” you may have missed our announcement in December that we planned to change things up a bit.

(But don’t worry, we are totally with

you—how is it February already? Do we

get a January do-over?)

Here at CASY & MSCCN, the times, they are a changin’ and so are we.

This year, we are moving the MSEJ to a

quarterly format and adding two blogs

to our publishing roster—a CASY blog dedicated to our transitioning

service members and an MSCCN blog dedicated to our spouses, caregivers,

and dependents.

Now, we don’t believe in change for change’s sake, but we do believe in growth and evolution.| HOT JOBS 4