MSEJ February 2018 - Page 19

QRadar®  Training

The Next Step in IBM & CASY Veteran Training

Building on the success of our cybersecurity training, CASY and IBM will be launching the QRadar course in 2018. Participants will learn to navigate the IBM QRadar® user interface and how to investigate cybersecurity offences. They will search for and analyze information QRadar® identifies as suspicious activity and conduct hands-on exercises to reinforce learned skills. The course covers system configuration, data source configuration, and remote networks and services configuration. 

The course is aimed at former and transitioning Armed Forces personnel who are looking to work within cybersecurity. 

This course is a good foundation for anyone looking to work in a support and operations environment. Veterans who have a keen interest in broadening their horizons and wish to pursue a career in cybersecurity would do well in the QRadar® course. 

The course consists of two phases:

Phase 1 will cover IBM Security QRadar SIEM Foundations

Phase 2 will cover IBM Security QRadar SIEM Advanced

The last day will include a discussion about malware, a demonstration of how QRadar® handles malware, and a discussion on security. Processing for the IBM Open Badging process will also be covered.

CASY will host the first QRadar training 19-23 March 2018 at Camp Dawson, WV.

Learn more about QRadar® training at:| HOT JOBS 19