MSEJ February 2018 - Page 15

Amy Newton, provided me with professional guidance on a personal level. Her ability to surgically dissect my resume that spoke to the job I was seeking was absolutely keen in its delivery. I had the opportunity to correspond with her on a daily basis, and she seemed not to be bothered by my inquiries about all sorts of jobs and positions. She definitely illuminated all the deep corridors of the job search endeavor. Amy spoke regularly with the Recruiter ConnectTM team on a regular basis and provided me with feedback, which

gave me the feeling that I had someone out there who cares for Veterans in the job market. She briefed me on salaries, relocations, work conditions and environments to give me a better picture of what to expect, this was unlike anything else that I had experienced. The algorithm process to sort/find which most portals use cannot and will not have the human experience and thus will always get what’s on paper and not the real person, thus their turnover rate increases.

"I salute CASY on a job well done.

Thank you."

Result of Assistance: I received a job offer from Accenture, within about two months of starting the process with Amy.

Value of Experience: I hope CASY continues using the very same process as Amy Newton. I sincerely implore that the same care, value, attention to detail is exercised with each and every veteran, once its lost we, (the veterans) are lost. I salute CASY on a job well done. Thank you so very much.

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