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Hiring Challenge

After I retired from the military, I started my own business. After 13 years of self-employment, my wife fell ill and I become her full-time caregiver. During her 36-month illness we went through all of our savings, and my business suffered because I wasn’t able give the business the needed attention. Fortunately, my wife recovered enough so she no longer needs full time care.

So, here I was in late 50s, college-educated and holding several professional licenses, needing to find a new career because I was out of time to rebuild my business.

Without Jenna Weakly’s help, her hands-on approach, and the training seminars provided by CASY I would still be looking for work and watching the opportunities slip away.

Assistance Received

I received assistance with proper resume writing and targeting my resume towards specific businesses. Jenna Weakly was instrumental in reviewing and focusing in my resume. Because of her diligence I become focused and able to target specific job opportunities.