MSEJ Autumn 2019 - Page 6

What is more important-- Happiness or Money?

That's a hard choice sometimes isn't it?

We all want to be happy throughout our lives, but happiness doesn’t pay the bills and, on the other hand, money is a necessity, but having it doesn’t always mean that you will feel fulfilled or content in life. Well, what if you could pick a career that gives you both of those things? According to MSN the ‘Best Job in America’ can do just that, and even more!

Recently, Glassdoor released its list of top ten jobs and among those top ten jobs were positions you would expect, dentist, physician assistant, doctor- but there were also a plethora of jobs in the IT industry that made that list. And that includes the number one job--Data Scientist.

I know what you’re thinking, “what is a data scientist and how do I become one?” Well, a data scientist is someone who extracts, analyzes, and interprets data.

Don't You Want the 'Best Job in America'?